For quality of education, the Philippines is ranked number 55 out of 80 countries. — US News & World Report


Our flagship projects originated from a personal connection to the Philippines. Working with teachers, administrators, school districts, and local governments, the Eduarte Courtot Foundation implemented charitable programs that have a lasting effect on low-income children. Our elementary and high school program expands access to technology in the developing community of Samar, and our university program provides full scholarships to low-income students.

Providing Children with Access to Technology

Santa Margarita School District, Samar, Philippines

Children in the impoverished community of Samar have access to technology through the Eduarte Courtot Foundation’s flagship program for elementary and high school students. Working with the Public School District of Santa Margarita, the Eduarte Courtot Foundation enabled the construction of a new computer lab and outfitted classrooms with visual aids for accelerated learning.

The Eduarte Courtot Foundation’s initial donation of 50 computers and 50 television screens prompted the district to invest more resources in aging buildings, as well as ongoing internet access and security personnel. Approximately 2,400 students across Santa Margarita Elementary School and Santa Margarita High School are impacted by the program.

Full Scholarships for Low-Income Students

Ateneo De Manila University, Manila, Philippines

The Eduarte Courtot Foundation provides full scholarships for low-income students to Ataneo de Manila University, an internationally recognized private school. Consistently ranked as the best performing institute of higher education in the Philippines, Ataneo de Manila offers 48 bachelor programs in addition to masters and doctoral degrees. The Eduarte Courtot Foundation covers the cost of tuition, meals, and transportation, plus an initial allowance for books, clothes, school supplies, and a computer or tablet.

Students in the program must maintain passing grades to continue to qualify. Working with Ateneo de Manila University, the Eduarte Courtot Foundation expanded the capacity of an existing need-based scholarship program, making it accessible to a greater number of qualifying students. Administrative costs are shouldered by the university, resulting in less overhead and allowing the majority of donations to go directly to students.

Rebuilding Through Higher Education

Marjeyoun and Zahle, Lebanon

In the midst of an economic crisis, schools across Lebanon are going bankrupt. Many students can’t afford tuition, and districts are struggling to pay teachers’ salaries. The Eduarte Courtot Foundation proudly supports Marjeyoun National College and Collège des Sœurs des Saints Cœurs by covering the cost of annual tuition and textbooks for over 60 students at each school.

Recipients of the grant are selected based on need, and are required to maintain passing grades. Both schools enroll students of different religious and ethnic backgrounds, providing an idyllic model of peace and diversity for a country fraught with sectarian tension. We believe that access to quality education is the key to resolving social problems, and that investment in education has an exponential effect.

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