Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. — Albert Einstein


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Santa Margarita School District

Samar, Philippines

Elementary School
Arts Pavilion

Successful people are not just knowledgeable, they are also creative in solving problems. We believe that integration of the arts is crucial to a well-rounded education. Building on the current program with Santa Margarita School District, the Eduarte Courtot Foundation has plans in place to create an Arts Pavilion at Santa Margarita Elementary School. An epicenter for performing arts, painting, and music, the Arts Pavilion will further the artistic tradition of the Philippines and shape students as creative problem-solvers. The new building will serve as an auditorium and meeting area, providing space for concerts, theatre performances, art exhibitions, and school fairs. Construction is slated to begin soon!

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View footage from the Eduarte Courtot Foundation's onsite visit to the Philippines in March 2020.